My students inspire me to grow as a scientist, and to explore new questions I would not have considered otherwise. In order to assist in the development of these amazing young scientists, I task myself with providing my students with opportunities to do genuine research in the classroom environment, and encourage debate about and critiques of existing scientific paradigms. I am also committed to supporting the success of students from traditionally underrepresented groups in biology.

Do, Be, Know Science

I firmly believe that the best way to learn science is to do science and for students to learn about biology through the lens of developing their own research projects. I incorporate independent study components into all of my undergraduate classes, and create assignments that require students to articulate and defend their own hypotheses. In addition, I always try to find ways for students to spend as much time in the field or lab as possible, while still making sure students with accessibility requirements have their needs met and are integrated members of the classroom. The slideshow below is just a sample of some of the field trips I’ve taken my classes on:

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