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NEW: Learn more about the research I did with Willamette students in summer 2016 through this video created by Anya Romig.

I am a visiting professor in the environmental studies department at McDaniel College. I am currently focusing on providing engaging content to the excellent students at McDaniel, but I am also actively seeking collaborators to develop projects on the ecological and evolutionary effects of artificial light at night and multiple stressors in stream ecosystems.

My students inspire me to grow as a scientist, and to explore new questions I would not have considered otherwise. In order to assist the development of these amazing young scientists, I task myself with providing my students with opportunities to do genuine research in the classroom environment, and encourage debate about and critiques of existing scientific paradigms. I am also committed to supporting students from traditionally underrepresented groups succeed in biology.

My next career goal is to find a tenure-track professorship. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job than to pass on the ecological knowledge I have gained while also having the opportunity to engage in research.

You can reach me by:
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You can watch my Science Slam talk from 5 March 2012 here

You can also listen to a story I told at the science story-telling event, Anecdotal Evidence by clicking here